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Saturday Potluck Dinner

Saturday's Potluck dinner is a favorite at UWMS where we feature family programming.  Each evening will include an Adult, Middle & High School and elementary school programs.  Indeed it is fun and learning for the entire family Insha'Allah.  Please mark the upcoming dates on your calendar.

December 1, 2018
December 15, 2018

Each evening will be catered.  Please be prepared to make a donation to cover the cost, the cost of the catering per evening is approximately $800 and needs to be covered by the attendees ISA. The funds are not covered by the UWMS Operating Fund.  Extra monies collected will be kept in the Saturday Night Fund for the following week ISA.  Please bring a dessert and drinks to share.


During a weekend in February or March, depending on the weather, we organize and annual ski and tubing trip to a local mountain for family and community fun.