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Saturday Potluck

Saturday Potluck is held every two weeks on Saturdays and is a community favorite at UWMS.

 -- Attend a community gathering with programs that serve both youth and adults.

 -- Each evening we will have the opportunity to listen to experts and scholars in Islamic education and relevant fields that benefit our community members.

 -- Children can enjoy arts and crafts & movie night. We request that parents take responsibility for their young ones and make sure they stay safe and follow masjid etiquette.

Please mark the upcoming dates on your calendar.

Potlucks are on hold till further notice due to COVID-19

Each evening, the main entrees will be catered. Please bring sides, dessert and/or drinks to share. A suggested minimum donation of $30 is requested per family to cover the cost of catering which is not covered by the UWMS Operating Fund. Extra monies collected will be kept in the Saturday Night Fund for the following potluck ISA.


During a weekend in February or March, depending on the weather, we organize and annual ski and tubing trip to a local mountain for family and community fun.

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