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Assalamu Alykum Warhmatuallah


May Allah SWT accept our Ibadah during the month of Ramadan. Insha'Allah, we will have our Eid prayer at our community center on Thursday May 13, 2021. Prayer will be held outside on the grass field.

There will be two prayer timings; one at 8:15 AM and one at 9:45 AM. Please register below and plan to arrive 20 minutes before prayer time.

There will be toy pick-up for children 12 and under, setup in a designated corner of the parking lot. Please follow directions and maintain social distance during the pickup.


Due to the current health crises and to be in compliance with health guidelines, we urge our community to adhere with the following guidelines:

  •  All Eid attendees are required to register online and each vehicle occupants name and contact information should be provided.

  •  Registrations will be checked at the entrance to the UWMS property/parking area. Please bring your printed confirmation or be ready to show it on your phone.

  •  All existing safety guidelines will apply. You can find them on your registration confirmation as well.

  •  All attendees need to bring their own prayer mats, wear masks and be socially distant at all times.

  •  A family living in the same household may sit together.  

  •  Please arrive in a state of Wudu. Building restrooms will not be available.

  •  Social distancing of 6 ft. should be maintained at all times while on-premises.

  •  We request that immediately after Khutba, please depart towards either the toy pickup area or the property exit.

  •  Please make sure you have registered with the correct number of attendees.


Please register by selecting one of the time slots below:

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