Senior 1

September 19, 2020

1: Seera: 1. Review the syllabus (look at last week's homework for the link)

                 2. Read p 50-55 (what we did this week) and also p 56-61 for prepare for next week. Please pay attention to the commentaries from the scholars in the book.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please memorize two ayates of surah Alkahf,review the noun Sakinah rules and give example of each rule from surah Alkahf. Send me your answer by email to before next Saturday please.

                 Group 2: Please review the first ten letters of the alphabet. Click here to see a video for help.  

3: Character Building:

Previous Homework:

September 12, 2020

1. Seera: 1. Send me email at to receive the syllabus.

              2. Read the revelation book pages 50-55 (optional). Read also pages 43-50 from the book;

              3. Click here to download the syllabus.

2. Quran:

3: Character Building: