Elementary 3

November 21, 2020

Note: No school on Nov 28th. Happy Thanksgiving!

1: Seera: Write or draw anything you'd like to share (examples: something that you are thankful for, the importance of respecting each other, something that makes you feel happy, etc.).

2: Quran: Group 1: Please practice reading words from page 28,29 and 33. We will be doing more reading inchaallah.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: No Homework.

Previous Homework:

November 14, 2020

1: Seera: Lesson 5 workbook. Lesson 5 review questions are in your Class Folder.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please practice reading some words on pages 17,18,19 and 20 and sort out the friendly and the unfriendly letters. We will practice more in class Inchaallah.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Page 39 Question 5.

November 7, 2020

1: Seera: Lesson 4 workbook if you haven't completed in the class. Please go over lesson 4 review questions and read lesson 5 ahead for next week, InshaAllah.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please practice reading page 33 in Arabic book.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Pages 37-39 in the "We Are Muslims" workbook.

October 31, 2020

1: Seera: Read lesson 4 from the textbook. We'll discuss more, and do workbook in class next week InshaAllah.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please review all the ''Friendly" letters with the short, long and double vowels and how to write them.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: No homework.

October 24, 2020

1: Seera: Please check your Class Folder for the review sheets for Lessons 1-3. There will be a quiz next week on lessons 1-3 InshaAllah.

2: Quran: Group 1: Today we studied the second group of Arabic alphabet ج ح خ ع غ with all the vowels. Please fill out the sheet in your Class Folder and send it to me before next Saturday inchaallah.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Please complete pages 26-30 in the "We are Muslims" workbook.

October 17, 2020

1: Seera: Lesson 2 workbook, page 8-10.  

2: Quran: Group 1: Please click here for your Class Folder. Print the table in your Quran class folder and fill it in. Send me you work before next Saturday inchaallah. Please have a note book or paper and pencil in hand for next class.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Please write out the "do we know these words" on page 30 of textbook along with the definitions. Please do pages 18-21 in the workbook.

October 10, 2020

1: Seera: Please read lesson 2 from the textbook and review the questions in your Class Folder. We'll discuss more in class next week InshaAllah. 

2: Quran: Group 1: Please review the 5 letters we studied with short and long vowels as well as sukun. Ba,ta,tha,nun and yaa.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Page 25 in the "We Are Muslims" textbook. Define the words circled on page 25 and with your family.

October 3, 2020

1: Seera: Click Here for your class folder to see the Lesson 1 Review document. Please study and answer questions for Lesson 1 in workbook.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please review the first group of letters ba,ta,tha noun and ya with shorts vowels and long vowel with fatha.

                 Group 2: 


3: Character Building: Please complete pages 11-15 in the "We Are Muslims" workbook.

September 26, 2020

1: Seera: Read lesson 1 from our Prophet text book before the class so that we can have more interactive session, InshaAllah. Please make sure kids have textbook, workbook, pencil, and eraser before they sit for the class.

2: Quran: Group 1: Please read page 10 of your Modern Yassarnal Quran and page 31. Please can you record your child reading and send it to me thru private what's up or email before Saturday.

                 Group 2: No homework.    


3: Character Building: Please complete Lesson 3 (pages 7-10) in the "We Are Muslims" workbook.

September 19, 2020

1: Seera: Review what you have learned last year for the life of Rasulullah SAW in Makkah. We'll play the jeopardy again for the review, so please be prepared.

2: Quran: Group 1: Alhamdoullah I assessed all the students on the alphabet letters and vowels, they will be divided into 2 groups starting next week inshallah. Please have your child review the alphabet and for those who know, the vowels as well.

                 Group 2: No homework.    


3: Character Building: