Elementary 2

November 21, 2020

Note: No school on Nov 28th. Happy Thanksgiving!

1: Character Building: Today we studied how Allah SWT made us different from other creatures by giving us a mind to think. Let's learn from that and make good choices. No homework.

2: Seera: Page 43-46 in Our Prophet Muhammed: Life in Makkah Workbook.

3: Quran: No homework for next week! Enjoy the break!


Previous Homework:

November 14, 2020

1: Character Building: Please do page 29,30 in the workbook.

2: Seera: Page 39-42 in the Workbook "Our Prohet Muhammad Life in Makkah". Please click here to watch this video (we left off at 17:40).

3: Quran: Review first 3 ayas of surah Ikhlas, complete pages 14-15 in workbook.

November 7, 2020

1: Character Building: Please click here to listen to the video about Allah's attribute and choose one to speak about next Saturday inchallah.

2: Seera: Our Prophet Muhammad: Life in Makkah Workbook Pages 35, 36 & 38 and click here to watch a video.

3: Quran: Memorize last two ayas in sura Falaq. Complete pages 11-12 in workbook.

October 31, 2020

1: Character Building: Today we studied how to be a responsible Muslim girl/boy. Please reread the lesson number 6 in the textbook and do page 20 in the textbook.

2: Seera: Our Prophet Muhammad: Life in Makkah Workbook Page 33.

3: Quran: Please memorize the 3 first verses of Surat Al-Falaq.

October 24, 2020

1: Character Building: Today, we studied how the Prophet Muhammad ASWS is the seal of the prophets and how he is our role model by his actions and his sayings. Please read the lesson 5 of "We are Muslims" textbook. Please read this "Hadith" (prophet's ASWS saying) and think how it can be practiced in our lives, we discussed it in class. The prophet ASWS said: "Seek after Knowledge from the cradle to the grave". 

2: Seera: Workbook Pages 26-30. For students who do not have the book, I will send pictures of these pages via email by Sunday 10/25. Click here to watch a video.

3: Quran: Review Sura al Nas (ayas and meanings).

October 17, 2020

1: Character Building: Please draw or print a large heart or star or leaf template like in your Class Folder.. Write inside the heart, star or leaf things why we are thankful to Allah SWT. Think about an expression we say to praise Allah SWT (other than what we studied today) and when or where we say it. We did in class: Alhamdullah, Subhanallah, and Machaallah. Click here to listen to the song again. 

2: Seera: Please complete pages 22-25 in the workbook.

3: Quran: We studied the first 3 Ayats of Surat Al-Nas. Please memorize them and do page 9 of your text book.

October 10, 2020

1: Character Building: We completed the pillars of Iman Alhamdullah. Please do page 8 and 9 in workbook and memorize the 7 pillars of Iman.

2: Seera: Pages 18 - 21 in Our Prophet Muhammad Life in Makkah Workbook; Re-watch videos from class: Video1 & Video2.

3: Quran: Please review ayas 5-7 in sura Fatiha and finish pages 4,5,6 in the workbook.

October 3, 2020

1: Character Building: We studied more about the pillars of Al IMAN, we talked about believing in Allah as our LORD. Please make me a nice drawing of what Allah wants us to do in contrast with what He doesn't want us to do like cleaning the street versus litter or any good manner versus bad manner. Please read with your child lesson 3 of We are Muslims text book.

2: Seera: No homework.

3: Quran: Please review the first four ayas of surah Fatiha with meanings and complete page 3 in the workbook.


September 26, 2020

1: Character Building: We talked about the 7 pillars of Al Iman and studied deeply the first one which is believing in Allah as one God and He is our creator. Please have your child walk around in the garden or a park and list some of Allah creations ( as many as they can) they can write or draw them in a paper and send it to me thru private WhatsApp or email before Next Saturday. Please do page 13 in your Character building workbook and send me as well a picture of it before Saturday.

2: Seera: Click Here to watch part 2 of the video you saw last week. 

3: Quran: 

September 19, 2020

1: Character Building: We discussed the importance and meaning of the greeting expression in Arabic and its vocabulary ( Peace, Mercy and Blessing) please read with your child the first lesson in their text book just as you do for a story book, make her/him think of a real situation that happened ( or an imaginary one)when she/he showed Mercy to an animal or a person in need to share with us in class next week inchaallah.   

2: Seera: Review Lesson 1 and 2 in the Textbook and Click Here to watch a video

3: Quran: Please review surah Alfatiha and Click Here to watch a video.